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CAPTAIN DENNIS RICE (251) 377-3262 -

Captain Dennis Rice grew up on the eastern shore of Mobile bay and has forty years of local fishing experience. He started working as a deckhand on charter boats out of Orange Beach during the summers while he was in high school. He received his captain’s license in 1996 and specializes in Coastal Fishing. While fishing aboard his eighteen foot custom built Bosarge Skiff you will sense the rich

heritage this captain and area has to offer. Captain Dennis likes to participate in local fishing tournaments where he consistently places in the Tarpon Category of the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. With Captain Dennis’s great personality and fishing skills, you are sure to enjoy your fishing trip
along Alabama’s Coast.    

CAPT. CHRIS TEW  (251) 401-2740

Hi, I am Capt. Chris Tew, I was born and raised in Mobile Alabama. My family has a long history here and decades of fishing these waters. As a kid my father would take me to our fish camp on Oak bayou in the Delta where I would hear the stories of how my great uncle Blackman and grandpa would row their boat to our camp every Friday afternoon! 

I have always had a love and connection to these rivers and Bays and would find myself heading up to our camp every Friday afternoon for a weekend of fishing.

I am also a carpenter and 8 years ago built a home for my wife and I in Fairhope,Al.  For the past 8 years I have been studying and learning where all the 'Honey holes' are here on the eastern shore. 

I have a love and passion for fishing, and decided I'd like to share this with others. There is nothing better then watching someone reel in their first fish! 

I run a 23ft panga, it is my boat of choice it's very comfortable and roomy, not only for fishing but also the ride! 

I hope to meet you soon and get you reeling them in!!! 


                   Capt. Chris 

CAPTAIN TROY PRICE (251) 689-5155

I am Capt. Troy Price an Alabama Gulf Coast Native son with over thirty years experience fishing the inshore and coastal waters of Alabama. I grew in Fairhope Al. and have lived on Weeks Bay for the last fifteen years. Since early childhood fishing with family and friends to now much of my life has been spent fishing and relaxing on the water and I enjoy sharing with others these experiences with which I have been so blessed to enjoy. I operate a 22 ft. bay boat with custom rigged sight fishing tower for tripletail, cobia, and my favorite, the tarpon which is also the Alabama state fish. There is simply no bigger thrill in fishing than to see the mighty silver king appear, take a bait, and dance in the air behind the boat. Whether your after the big ones or just want to go for a relaxing private tour of the Alabama Coast I would be honored to have you aboard and share with you what life on the coast is all about.

CAPTAIN LYONS BOUSSON (251) 583-8681 -

I am Capt. Lyons Bousson, Sr. I have been blessed to live in south Alabama my whole life.  I grew up fishing on Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. I am 42 years old and married to my high school sweetheart Michelle. We have 3 children and we love watching them grow up on the water.  We live on Week’s Bay, a quaint little fishing village in Fairhope, Al, We spend most of our time outdoors enjoying God’s playground.  I specialize in inshore fishing Fairhope where we catch a wide variety of fish: speckled trout, redfish, flounder, black fish, sheep head, white trout, mullet and crabs galore.  I am also addicted to trophy fishing for the mighty tarpon.  There is nothing more fun to me than spending the day on the water with friends, family or complete strangers, except maybe deer hunting. I have a 22 ft Sea Hunt with a 225 hp and all of the tackle needed to make it happen.  It makes me happy that I am able to share my fishing secrets and tricks with others and get to see the joy it brings to people of all ages.  It would be a privilege to be your fishing guide and be part of your fishing memories. I have fished with all of the captains on our website and am lucky enough to call them all great friends.  I recommend any and all of these captains to anyone looking for a great fishing experience.  Thank you for checking out our website and we look forward to many FISH ON!


Captain Lyons Bousson, Sr.